And you think you have hard tests?

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I feel like bloging

Yeah, I know I haven’t blogged in a long time, but, whatever. I feel like it.

So, anyways, anyone ever used buckyballs before? There these little rare earth magnets in a shape of marbles. You can make some pretty cool things with em.


Those are just a couple. But still, I think they are pretty cool. I mean, you can make some cooler things with them, those are what I just pulled up on Google images.

Lol, when I typed Google into the sentence above, it spell checked it to have a capital G. When did Google become a word? I mean seriously, you’re going to make me capitalize it. Why? Ugh, whatever.

P.S. I would love to have this thing, if it ever can get made.

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I wonder who is viewing my blog everyday. I still am getting 1-4 views a day.

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Mrs. Nokovic’s present

I got Mrs. Nokovic a Picture tree for a goodbye and a thank you present. As she was opening it Madelyn and Matt came in. She said thank you a bunch of times and then we went on a parade around the school for a half hour, showing all the teachers my gift.

Happy last day of school everyone. I hope I see you all again.

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pie=eip spelled backwords

Did you know that I am my son’s father’s nephew’s uncle? No you did not.

Anyway, I could blog about how great Chicago was, but I don’t want to. I’ll put of a video of all of the different fish pictures and videos from the shedd tomorrow.

And remember to get blank DVD, minus R.

Also, Why didn’t we ever do anything with our crosswords?

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Picture frame

I got this picture tree for Mrs. Nokovic. If anyone wants to be in it, just tell me.

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